About me

Hello! I'm Hally Smith, a NY / NJ  based  actor, singer and costume designer! I recently completed my BFA in Drama (with Honors woo!!) at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, training at both the musical theatre and film acting studios. 

During my time at the New Studio on Broadway, I explored a range of roles in a fun ensemble show, and originated  roles in workshops of two new musicals! Check out photos from the first production of Iron John: An American Musical!

While at Stonestreet Studios, I not only honed my screen acting skills, but also my own writing skills by creating original short scenes and micro-movies (check out Girl Talk!), as well as collaborating on a comedic web series (check out MacDeath!) - which is currently in the editing process!

My passion for telling original stories has continued beyond school, and while under lockdown last year, I started creating Fior Di Fossa, a short period drama/thriller with a former classmate. Our film is currently in post-production, and stills can be found on my Gallery Page! 

Thanks for checking out my website! Be sure to check out the News Page for updates on my performances and projects, and feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries.


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