Hally Smith is a Los Angeles based actor, singer, and costume designer. Originally from Roxbury, New Jersey, Hally was raised by a professional Irish Tenor and developed a love for music and performance at an early age.


She recently received her BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch, studying both musical theatre and film acting. During her time at NYU, Hally  honed her writing skills, creating short scenes and micro movies (Girl Talk), as well as a comedic mockumentary-style web series (MacDeath).


Hally’s passion for collaborating on original stories grew beyond school, and while under lockdown last year, she started creating a period thriller, Fior Di Fossa, with a former classmate. Hally was especially thrilled not only to be acting and directing, but also to be designing and constructing all of the costumes for the project, which is currently in post production.


In her spare time, Hally is a huge fan of dogs, historical costuming, re-reading Harry Potter, and long hikes!



Michael McElroy,
Tony Nominated Actor 

Hally is bold, specific, strong and vulnerable. She is bold when learning material and utilizing her skills, and always brings joy and focus into the room.


Gary O. Bennett,
Co-Founder of Stonestreet Studios

Engaging, charming and winsome. Hally is one of these actors you want to take care of. She is instantly in the groove from take one. And take after take, it gets better, and at some point it soars. She has an innate sense of character, and never wastes a moment on screen. In the edit room we did not want to cut away from her because she was so active.


Alana Barrett-Adkins,  CEO/Artistic Director of Rock Alari Studios

Hally is absolutely delightful! She’s witty, clever, fun, intuitive, and her work reflects this. Hally is a very strong actress and quite versatile in range.