Acting reel

Here is Hally Smith's acting reel, featuring a clip from an episode of MacDeath the Musical: the Web Series, a clip from the new musical New Years Eve, a clip from Girl Talk, and many more.

macdeath park scene

This clip is a scene, written by Hally, from MacDeath the Musical: The Web Series, a show that chronicles a college production of a musical version of MacBeth, in which someone is murdered. Hally plays Veronica, the production's Lady M and resident mean girl. Watch as she gives her understudy some friendly notes to help her improve...

girl talk

Here is the full version of Girl Talk, a short short that Hally wrote and acted in. Watch as Alice confronts her "friend" Lindsay at a party she wasn't invited to. Can she keep her cool?

iron john bench scene

This clip is from the new musical Iron John, in which Hally originated the role of Julie Whitacre. Watch as Julie and her new friend Lucas get to know each other a bit better.


Rejection is a mini silent film, created by Hally, featuring the woes of high school romance.

iron john pond monologue

Hally Smith plays Julie Whitacre, who reveals the real reason she was kicked out of her last boarding school to her new boyfriend, Lucas. This monologue is a clip from Iron John: An American Musical at its premiere at NYU Tisch, where Hally originated the role.